Current Campaign

Technology, Art, and Design Workshop



September 9, 2017-December 28, 2017



Refugee Coffee Co., Clarkston GA


The Goal


Our aim is to equip these women with the tools necessary to land the job of their dreams in the technical age or do daily tasks that require the use of technology and aid their kids when filling out those college applications.

We value the culture and the traditions that are practiced amongst women of different regions within the refugee community. We want to translate those skills and ideas into the modern world and workforce. Our aim is to also help them advance their skills in technology, art, and design.


The Skills


We will teach computer literacy skills from Microsoft Office to Adobe Suites, fashion or web design fundamentals and finally, artistic  appreciation and incorporation into technology and design.  Materials will be provided for learning, including use of computers.


The Showcase


At the end of the 12 weeks showcasing all their beautiful creations. We will also incorporate art with technology. Showing students how they can use the programs they have learned to enhance their artwork.

The Teachers


Christian Ayala- Social Resources, Open Source Software, and Web Design

Holly Seddon- Art Fundamentals

Kurdeen Karim- Computer Fundamentals and Security

Maria Velasquez- Photography

Soleen Karim- Web Design and Design Software Fundamentals


The Sponsors


Refugee Coffee Company has graciously sponsored the space for this workshop to happen. If you would like to help sponsor the women who are looking to improve their lives please consider contacting us!



Soleen Karim providing information to our first group of students at Refuge Coffee Co. in Clarkston