Sponsor a Campaign

We are always looking for new ways to help educate refugees when they lack the opportunities to do so. Whether it is the lack of a facility or the lack of tools needed to learn a particular trade or skill. Your sponsorship helps us broaden our reach and have a greater impact.  


TAD Workshop


We are currently opening new doors for refugee women in girls in Clarkston, GA. Please support our campaign by helping us pay for the venue for our workshop. Our classes are currently scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays from 4-6PM. We would like to stay longer and you can make that possible.   More information →

STEM Materials


In educating refugee women and girls, we want to offer each one the tools needed to excel in the technology age. We are in need of software and hardware to meet our goals.  Help us in providing these women the opportunity to work and study alongside us with the necessary expertise.    More information →


School Renovation

11 (3).jpg

Building schools in refugee camps creates not only opportunities for education, but also other avenues by which refugees can organize and create. Please help us fund our multi-use buildings that provide education to those in the most need.